By Aidan Storey

Angels of Divine Light (Top 5 Best Seller)

Growing up in the suburbs of Dublin, Aidan Storey was the youngest of seven, a much-loved, happy child who enjoyed family life and all the usual rough-and-tumble games he played with friends in his garden. The only difference was, when the friends left and the garden was quiet, Aidan was visited by Angels. Unafraid of the beautiful, luminous spirits who watched over him, Aidan it wasn’t until much later that Aidan realized not everyone could see what he could see – and not everyone shared what was to prove to be an exceptional gift for healing.

In this extraordinary autobiography, Aidan vividly recalls how the presence of angels sustained him through years of great turmoil – years when his happy, carefree world turned into one of misery and torment. As he recalls the sexual and mental abuse he suffered at the hands of two teachers in his Christian Brothers primary school, and the desperate, dark days of depression and isolation which followed, he tells of how the Angels helped him to claw his way back to life and, through the power of angelic healing, taught him how to bring light and love into his life and the lives of many others.

Profoundly moving – and with a range of questions about issues such as death, relationships, the state of the planet, and many more, all answered by the Angels – this is an inspiring story of hope and forgiveness, and a testament to the healing power of Angels that will stay with you for ever.

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I think it’s the most amazing story. Full of love and light, vision and kindness…

Cathy Kelly

Amazon Reviews

There are many books about angels, and I have read a great deal of them, but Aidan’s book is somehow the first to really make me a believer, despite the fact that I cannot, and may never, it seems, see, feel or hear my own angels! Aidan’s childhood, which admittedly is not easy to read about, was a mixture of great love but also terrible abuse, and without his ability to see and talk to his angels, I don’t know how he would have survived. Later, his very understandable doubts about what he was seeing and hearing, causing him to ask his angels to “leave”, also resonated with me. I am so glad that his angels “came back”, as his story about witnessing a car accident and the death of a beautiful child, for example, moved me more than anything I have ever read. The story of another child, Zara, is great reading as well . That Aidan is also able to bring other people into his story who can see angels and/or do spiritual healings reinforces the reality of it all. Aidan’s book is the best book I have ever read about angels, and I can thoroughly recommend it.

D. Capewell

What a brilliant book. I couldn’t put it down and didn’t want it to end. The questions and answers at the back of the book give great hope. I would recommend this to anyone who would sometimes feel down and lonely. There is always someone watching over you and reading this book confirmed it for me.


An inspirational read which moved me to tears in places. I totally loved reading this book and was sad when I finished it. I rarely give a book full marks but this book is definitely deserving of that. It’s beautifully written, honest and uplifting. I am interested in Angels and Spiritualism and have read quite a few books on the subject now, some books I have read passages with a degree of scepticism at times, but with this book I had no doubts when reading it. If you can afford only one book, then buy this, you will not be disappointed. It is on my all time `Top Reads’ list, and I just hope one day I am luck enough to meet Aidan himself.’


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