2 day ~ Angel Card Reading Workshop 


This course is designed for sharing and learning to read the Angel cards for yourself, family, friends and clients. Aidan will take you through each card. Explaining the hidden messages in each image, the shadings, the bindings and the colours. Aidan was among the very first teachers to teach this course in Ireland, it is a highly rated by all who participate. It is the Master Class of Angel Card courses. You will also be Attuned to YOD. Initiation into YOD connects you to a greater accuracy for those who give readings of any sort. It also serves to further open the heart to love and compassion. With an open and loving heart, prosperity has to follow. Initiation into YOD helps to open the connection between the heart, third eye and soul.

The day usually starts at 10.00am and ends at 4.00pm

For upcoming courses visit Aidan’s Facebook Page or visit our Events page

Dates: 21st & 22nd October 2023

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