Angel Card Refresher Course

Many people have asked me to do an Angel Card Refresher Course. This course is designed for all those people that have already taken my Angel Card Course over the years and to have a fresh look into the cards and discuss and share our experience and answer any questions you may have. My hope is that it will give you even more convenient to use the Cards and connect with your Angels. You will also be Attuned to YOD. Initiation into YOD connects you to a greater accuracy for those who give readings of any sort. It also serves to further open the heart to love and compassion. With an open and loving heart, prosperity has to follow. Initiation into YOD helps to open the connection between the heart, third eye and soul.

Reiki Refresher Course

If you have previously trained in Reiki with myself, this one day course will help refresh your Reiki knowledge. 

This is a day to come together to reconnect, share healing and support each other.

For upcoming courses visit Aidans Facebook Page or visit our Events page

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