Healing Angels of Divine Soul Light 


The Course include an Attunement to the Soul Chakras and help you open up to your Soul purpose which are many. It will also open your healing energy to take in new vibrations and feelings which will purify and transform you and your healing.
 The word Chakra means “wheel or circle” and there are little tiny ones all over the surface of the body. However we are talking about the seven main Chakras plus the Soul Chakra on this course we will work with the seven Archangels and the Light of the Holy Spirit.
 As we open more we raise our vibrations and our light shines more brightly. As each chakra is a colour of the rainbow, when each one is opening in total harmony we become white light and connect fully with our Soul Chakra and fulfilling our true Soul Journey.
 This  course is about opening your Soul Chakra and the Attunement will help you to find your true Soul Purposes.

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Date: 4th & 5th November 2023

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