Bringing Death to Life (Number One Best Seller)

Take a heart-lifting journey into the great unknown … In Bringing Death to Life,  Aidan Storey, along with soul friends Patricia Scanlan, Pamela Young and and Mary Helen Hensley, shine a light into an area that they believe needs to become part of the ordinary conversation of life, not to be fearful of or avoided talking about death, but recognised, understood and accept death. Aidan shares his own journey through grief and his abilities to channel and communicate with angels.  They all share personal experiences along with insight into death and the afterlife gained through their work. Included are chapters on facing fear of death, being present during death of a loved one, the aftermath of loss, and connecting to signs and messages from beyond and more.

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Amazon Reviews

This is a brilliant book that takes the fear out of dying. I found it extremely reassuring to know that our loved ones are waiting for us, to guide us and are with us at all times.


My heart is over flowing with love after reading these incredibly moving and touching stories of life, loss and death. You will not be able to put this book down. I read one story at a time so that I could sit with it for a few days before going on to the next. I was inspired by the messages from angels. You truly do feel like you are soaring through a bubble of love. Reading these made me feel a bit high and I didn’t want to come down. If you or a friend has lost someone you love dearly, you will treasure this book. Or if you have questions about the afterlife or what it is like to be with someone who is dying, you will find this book reassuring. Or if you just like really amazing well told stories, you will LOVE this book. Get a copy. I look forward to reading your reviews and discussing.

Love to Learn

I absolutely loved this book and how it brings discussions about death into the open and thereby normalising the fear that still surrounds our mortality and that of those whom we love. It’s a very easy read and yet very thought provoking in a gentle way. We need more texts like this and I would highly recommend it.


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